Sins of the Flesh; Missing the Mark

I really love the questions I get from my friend Riley. Here is one of her latest in response to a post about my progress in life. Thanks Riley

Hey Mike, a question for you since you seem to be in a mood of sharing from your food journey. A long time ago you spoke of sugar cravings, maybe even addiction. How have you felt regarding sugar cravings on this regime? Fruit has sugar. Do you think your firmer cravings may have been your body asking for this regime? Tell me whatever you think is helpful for someone looking to eradicate sugar cravings?

Yeah. I know about addiction. I have been studying that topic heavily for about 5 years as well. And I’ve got the A.A. chips to prove it…LoL.

Warning: There is a big fancy Greek word coming up that I imagine you will remember from your school days. It is hamartia, a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine. I believe the Apostle Paul used it in Romans 3, “All have hamartia(sinned) and fallen short of the glory of god.” This also reminded me of the discussion with Jesus in the Gospel of John. “Rabbi, who sinned(missed the mark), this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Cleary, even back then there was an understanding of a physical passing of defects from parent to child.

This leads me to the word hamartoma and hamartia in modern medical terminology. Hamartoma’s are usually caused by a genetic syndrome that affects the development cycle(the mark) of all or at least multiple cells. Many of these conditions are classified as overgrowth syndromes or cancer syndromes.

A sin of the flesh for those that missed the mark. This informed me that there is a mark by which, a measure that could be met, to get to a point, where my sin(hamartia) no longer had to be my mothers if I were to respectfully, in agreement with my body, cleanse my cup from the inside out, cycling out my dead bones for new ones. Providing my body with the finest of ingredient to ensure the genesis of only the finest stem cells that will ultimately make the finest of dust on my hardwood floors…8)

Side note: I’m really beginning to love writing…8)

Rather than simply trying to understand the relationship between myself and the object of my compulsive affections, I went about looking for what it was that trained me to be compulsive; the precursor to my addiction of choice. That ultimately led me to salt as the progenitor of all addiction and ultimately our sin could truly be our mothers sin passed on to us. Her missing of the mark would become our hamartia and if allowed to fester long enough our hamartoma if we are lucky and cancer if unlucky.

Like literally this is a generational error that is literally giving birth to physical errors at worst and mental disorders of which impulsivity is the mildest of impairments. And if the source problem, excess dietary sodium or salt intake is perfectly on the metabolic mark for at least a decade before conception I can’t imagine quite literally a child born without a mark being missed…8).

Sounds rather like utopia doesn’t it? Being born without hamartia. Imagine a world without cancer. I was floored in my studies of disease pathology when I discovered that there is such a thing as sin of the flesh…LoL. A hamartoma is a benign tumor that occur in our lungs, heart, skin, brain, breast, or other regions. They are made up of abnormal but not cancerous cells similar to the cells that make up the tissue where they originate.

Differentiation is just one mutation away. A missing of the mark(hamartia) caused by a genetic syndrome(hamartoma) that affects the development cycle of a cell and all that follow.

Oh, I almost forgot to answer your question. Eliminate and detox the excess salt and all electrolytes for that matter from the diet as it is the thing that is causing the malabsorption of nutrients that results in the craving for a more concentrated form(candy) of the natural, fruit.


Another friend of mine named Lauren read the above and made a great point that I feel needs to be added. Thank you for your input Lauren.

People love to oversimplify. Salt is just one of many mistakes we make. Albeit, it is the gateway drug that allows many of the mistakes, we cannot eat many of the foods which overwork our bodies without salt to make them palatable. But ultimately disease comes down to metabolic work. Someone who eats the right foods but overeats could end up with symptoms of dis-ease just as someone who eats the wrong foods. And someone who eats the right foods but overworks their body, either mentally or physically could also end up with symptoms of disease. The more we work the cells metabolism, the more waste that is generated. So salt dehydrates our cells and leads to poor food choices which overwork the body and leads to malabsorption, but it is the work that it causes which is what actually is the source of disease.

Scribe(author) – Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest