Accelerate your stem cell production in three ways

In 2006, Nobel Prize winners, Kazutoshi Takahashi and Shinya Yamanak, turned the world upside down when they found that skin cells could be reprogrammed and become ‘induced’ pluripotent stem cells.  Somatic stem cells are undifferentiated. They are cells found throughout the body that are ready to go at any time. If a name were needed you could call them, “Johnny on the Spot.” I do. They multiply to and divide replenishing systems cells that have died off.

Stem cells are located in various locations throughout the body but multiply more readily in the protected environment of our bones marrow, our brain and our gut. Our three innermost parts. Research shows that stem cells thrive in certain environments and the loss of a cell’s power of division and growth occurs when the environment is not favorable. Stem cells grow and thrive due to several internal and external influences.

1. Caloric Restriction Increases Stem Cell Proliferation

Studies have shown that the number of circulating stem cells in the blood increases with caloric restriction. Additionally, the lifespan of the organs is lengthened. Intermittent fasting is a good way to induce stem cell production and increase the overall functioning of cells. It is these stem cells that are the building materials for our temple.

Chronic inflammation and metabolic problems occur when to too much building materials end up in our systems. Studies show that reducing building material input increases stem cell longevity.

Plain and simple reducing the amount of building materials entering the body is precisely what the body needs to optimally produce quality stem cells. Foods that are processed or concentrated in any way outside of the body are the biggest culprit.

2. Reduce Triglycerides

The most common causes of high triglycerides are obesity and poorly controlled diabetes. People with high triglycerides are more likely to gain weight, resulting in metabolic syndrome. Additionally, stem cells don’t grow as well in bodies that have high triglycerides.

stem cell illustraationSome might suggest taking MORE high-quality omega-3 fatty acids to balance out triglycerides and help stem cell growth. The Terrain Model suggests removing the offending source of the increase returning the body to balance and homeostasis rather than just putting in MORE.

3. Exercise Boosts Stem Cell Activity

Using our body’s systems result in proliferation of stem cells by simple means of use. One out, one in. Burn out one stem cell so that the newest one in line can brightly shine. Aerobic exercise in particular aids in this process especially when it comes to stem cells becoming bone instead of fat. When used our muscles activate stem cells as well. These are called mesenchymal stem cells and they are activated by exercise being made available to form new muscle and bone.

Scribe(author) – Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest