Facebook Q & A – May, 20 2021 – Bad Breath

I need advice for my child’s bad breath. I just found out his mom gives him Listerine for it. Is this a problem?

Yours Truly Hally T. Osis

The first thing I would do is stop anything antibiotic. Secondly regarding the halitosis, I would look for the cause. The halitosis is the body speaking to you, telling you there is a problem and it’s right under your nose.

Somewhere from nose to tail there is something that is gumming up the works and impeding normal biological practices.

The solution to this can be found by first addressing underhydration. And it’s not about drinking plenty of water, but getting the kind of hydration the body needs.

First and foremost the body wants as much of its hydration from fruit and gentle leafy greens. And it wants our teeth to pulverize it before we drink its perfectly distilled waters locked up by nature for our mouth without pollution.

If that is not enough which it rarely is I highly HIGHLY recommend distilled water. That’s what rain water is and if nature makes it that way our body wants it that way.

Allowing our body to distill non-distilled water for us comes at a metabolic cost. And Our body loves to not use its metabolism. It is expensive to use.

Good luck…

Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest | Scribe at Terrain Wiki