Thoughts – 2021/05/19

More thoughts for later development. This seems like the path to becoming a writer. Just do it. The following were some thoughts I had today while driving people around.
Death is part of my life. Disease does not have to be part of that equation. Pain is my body telling my that I am doing something wrong, suffering is a result of me not listening to the pain. I’ve learned my lesson and I am ready to get on with my life.
As I drive around the streets of Los Angeles I daily see people who likely don’t know that there body is aging much faster than it should. And some people are just falling apart.
June 1st marks 5 years since I began a journey of recovery that would be one of grand discovery. On that day I began a journey toward sober-minded decision making that helped me realize that there was something bigger than me in charge of what was going on. I had surely failed many of those around me, but even more so I had failed my own body.
Yet it saw fit to teach me that there is nothing that I can do to improve the functions of this body. And that if I want it to perform optimally I need do nothing more than operate within it’s constraints.
My body is demonstrating that I am moving in the right direction regarding diet and lifestyle. Everything about my body is demonstrating less evidence of age week after week. And I can’t imagine that this would continue to happen if I were mistaken.
I don’t think I am unique and I don’t believe I have any special abilities that anyone else doesn’t also have.
Our body’s can spontaneously heal itself from many stages of disease if it has the right amount and kind of resources, the energy to do the work and ALL the hydration needed to accomplish the task. The spontaneous healing of cancer is a phenomenon that has been observed for hundreds and thousands of years and after having been the subject of many controversies, it is now accepted as an indisputable fact.
And if a body can spontaneously be healed of cancer then I can’t imagine why it shouldn’t be able to spontaneously recover from any disease state of lesser nature.
I am first hand witness to this in my own life. Provide the body with the proper conditions and dependencies and it will find homeostasis and heal whatever is keeping that from happening. Just look around at the rest of nature using naturally occurring or even intentionally activating biology in a way that consumes and breaks down the environmental pollutants. Our body is no different.
I am very fortunate to be looking at a very bright future thanks to my body’s amazing ability to heal itself from the metabolic nightmare I caused it. Alcohol was just the first excess that had to go. Little did I know just how far my body would want to recover itself.
This has been a journey, but not my own. I have a feeling the life of this body is needed somewhere far off in the future. But for what?
Biologically I am a strict determinist. Biology does not waste energy where it doesn’t see potential for the growth of healthy life.
Where is this body taking me?

Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest | Scribe at Terrain Wiki