Beyond The Fibrous Thallus

Someone on Facebook asked about Cancer and how it relates to Terrain Physiology and Natural Hygiene. Here is the question with my response to follow.

I was just wondering about cancer and how it pertains to terrain model. For instance, I wonder why certain cancers manifest in different areas of the body?! I know that all cancers are just an overburdened body trying to rid excessive toxins at a rate it can’t. Thus, it gets what we call cancer. But it got me thinking, why does certain cancers manifest in certain areas?! I guess different body parts function differently at waste removal and that could be one explanation of why. Curious to hear other reasons. Thanks.

The following is my response.

I’ve personally been studying cancers of the skin for 3+ years now. I’ve learned a lot from it…8). From my own personal observation when it comes to the neo-genesis of cancer it does all start with one stem cell that has failed to complete its programmed life cycle according to its marching orders. Order becomes disorder and ultimately chaos.

Imagine a skin cell that is traveling from the basement layer all the way up to the outer world; your epidermis and eventually the hardwood floor, carpet or drain. But sometimes those cells continue on beyond cell death and continue to evolve to a more complex form of organismal life on the outside of our skin. This might be seen as a patch or plaque.

Let’s say that same skin cell begins aging faster and again lives beyond programmed cell death before it reaches the epidermis. That my friend is what we would call a tumor or neoplasia and will continue to grow in place if it doesn’t reach the surface. If it remains under the surface with an adequate supply of blood stem cells will keep showing up to make more cancerous cells.

And then a followup question and my response.

What have you discovered about sun and skin cancer?

I personally avoid excess exposure to direct sunlight(UV) between the hours of 10am-2pm. Other than that I don’t give the sun a thought.

I do plan on publishing something extensive on this in the future. I’ve been working on something for a while, just not sure whether it’s going to be a chapter, a section or maybe a whole book, but something. As you can see from what I wrote, I’ve got a pretty good understanding of how our skin suit works. Mine was in pretty bad shape a few years back and I got to watch it make itself right in real time.

3.5 years of healing with a front row seat, 30-60X magnification and google to ask questions to will teach you an awful lot…8).

I will have a very unique way of explaining how the skin works and why it should be our primary focus in self care; from the inside out. And if we are doing things the right way our skin should show it.

Also, I’m beginning to lean towards the idea that if you follow the 80/10/10 diet for long enough eventually your skin will get to the point where it will be much better able to deal with a little extra sun. But not excess. There is no need.

Once I removed all animal this last December 01 and salt on January 01, my skin really started making much more rapid progress in getting younger. It’s like the level of dense nutrients in animal products and salt keep the skin from being able to function properly.

Scribe(author) – Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest