How I Eat Today

How do I eat over a 3 day period? Keeping it optimal and what I would do if the optimal conditions weren’t able to be met. Keeping it real…8)

I believe this to be consistent with a Terrain Model of Natural Hygiene. It is how I keep my body clean from the inside out. Expect an out come of abundant life by putting in foods abundant in life; living when it enters your mouth.
I eat this way because my situation in life allows me to. I am very fortunate.

I eat a very broad spectrum of fruits by day and a large leafy green salads every night with an occasional cooked meal by my mom which usually consists of cooked cabbage, sweet potato, quinoa, corn and broccoli.

I eat my fruits in a manner I call rotational mono-feeding where I only eat one kind or category of fruit at a time, but till I am full. Then I wont eat again for at least another 2 hours to allow my mouth to rest and teeth to recover(enamel) from use.

Day 1. 1 cantaloupe, 1 pound grapes, 2 dates, large leafy green and garbanzo bean salad.

Day 2. 7 mandarins, 2 large apples, 2 large bananas, large leafy green and garbanzo bean salad.

Day 3. 4 oranges, 2 pounds strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/blackberries, 2 small bananas & 2 dates, large leafy green and garbanzo bean salad.

This way I don’t eat the same thing every day and I am also getting a large variety of fruit rotationally and a broad spectrum of leafy greens and vegetable fruits and small amount of legumes. It is all hydrating. None of it dehydrating; taking away from me.

Now to be fair I do live in a suburb of Los Angeles where good organic produce is readily abundant all year round at probably some of the cheapest prices nationwide. Clearly not everyone has that luxury but I do so it makes it very easy for me to live a model dietary life. If I did live somewhere that quality whole food was a little more difficult to get I would set a prioritized list of fruit options.

1st: Fresh organic
2nd: Fresh non-organic
3rd: Frozen
4th: Canned
5th: Dehydrated

And then a similar process for vegetables.

People over the millennia have clearly moved away from the more habitable geographical regions for cheaper lands and greater freedoms at the cost of access to fresh resources and one of the costs has always been health.

If I lived in a situation where I lacked the ability to fix my geographical situation to better fit my dietary needs for a time and animal products were the only option I would prioritize. Eggs and fish first, fowl second, then goat, then pork, then beef coupled with calorie restriction and a very limited daily eating window to allow for the least overall amount of metabolic cost to my body. And I would chew everything to liquid before I drank it.

I would avoid all dairy period unless I was stuck on a barren rock island with a happy magical cow that doesn’t need to be fed.

And then I would do everything and anything within my power to change my geography to better fit my lifestyle.

Adapt, thrive and stay alive without disease. Live a life of ease and do so by continually making positive changes and steps in the right direction and by all means realize that transitioning will always be easier for your body to handle than an abrupt about face.

Currently I live in a situation where I can eat an exceptionally clean diet inexpensively so I will continue to do so.

Sometimes life is messy and that is why I choose to live a life based on a Terrain Model of Natural Hygiene. Always first be clean when I can so that when I can’t I can face the least amount of adversity. It took my body forever to become fouled so badly that I needed to do something about it and it was able to recover well so I know the potential of the human body to maintain homeostasis.

We are all in this fish tank together. Let’s all work together to start making the healthiest decisions possible at all times and future season’s even when things are scarce.

Scribe(author) – Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest