Auto-Immune Disorders?

Just thoughts…By me…8)

First we need to pick a feature that is not attributable to any external(exogenous) or environmental factor. Something growing or originating from within(endogenously) them. Then, once we’ve isolated this intrinsic feature we can then cultivate it with additional meaning by first telling them it is of external origin and that it doesn’t need to be there. After that, when we have them afraid of themselves, we can convince them that their body can attack itself against their will and better interests like hard work and a social life.

Maybe our bodies haven’t been attacking themselves as much as they have been trying to remind us that there is a will greater than our ego. An interest greater than our appetites and addictions.

What if the things we are being told are auto-immune disorders are actually our body simply trying to correct itself despite our continuous appetite for destruction.

I mean seriously look at the atrocities we put in and on our bodies.
Nevermind…Maybe we are the problem that needs to be attacked…LoL


Scribe(author) – Michael J. Loomis | Editor at Chew Digest