What I’ve learned about COVID-19 as an Uber Driver

As an Uber driver I get to learn from a lot of people. The following are what I have learned about Coronavirus/COVID-19 from those I drive around.

1. It transmits easier within nationalities(families).
2. It likes commonalities. It transmits easier if two people eat alike, live together, use the same products, breath the same stale air, etc. Think household.
3. It transmits easier/faster/better above 80 degrees.
4. Melanin level affects overall mortality potential. Less melanin, less bad outcome.
5. BSA(body surface area) as related to metabolic mass.
>5.2. The lower your body mass index the better the outcome.
6. Type O blood is affected the least.
7. Line cooks are affected the most and factory food workers are affected at similar rates.

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