What I’ve learned about COVID-19 as an Uber Driver Part 2

What I’ve learned…Part 01

I LOVE these headlines. Actually I dislike them.

1. Global Meat Industry Hammered by COVID-19
2. Why Meatpacking Plants Have Become Covid-19 Hot Spots
3. Why meat processing plants have become Covid-19 hotbeds
4. US coronavirus hotspots linked to meat processing plants

The other day I posted a list of what I had learned about coronavirus and COVID-19 from Uber riders. Another one that might not have come out so clearly in that post is those affected in the meatpacking industry. People that work at meat packing facilities are affected at greater rates than other industries yet shares commonalities with the other corollaries mentioned.

The outstanding common factor in the meatpacking facility is going to be in the food that all of the workers eat. Think of the great discount or even free meats that they would get as employee’s. Now add in the following factors and a predominantly Hispanic workforce.

1. It transmits easier within nationalities(Hispanic families).
2. It likes commonalities. It transmits easier if two people eat alike, live together, use the same products, breath the same stale air, etc. THINK LARGE HISPANIC HOUSEHOLD.
3. Melanin level(Hispanic) affects overall mortality potential.
4. BSA(body surface area) as related to metabolic mass.
5. Line cooks(Hispanic) are affected the most and factory food workers(hispanic) are affected at similar rates.