I believe most of us have ever fully appreciated consistent prolonged complete hydration. I want to suggest that what we, the general public and possibly even the medical and scientific world are yet able to fully grasp what picture perfect hydration would look like if it kissed us on the lips.

Let’s just say that at some point in my past my lymphatic system quit functioning optimally. As time went on garbage began backing up in the system. Any soft tissue really. As a result my body responded by employing extraordinary biological mechanisms to remedy the waste problem. I however unaware of the problem was doing nothing to address the issue.

Aside from that, in typical Murican fashion I lived a life of excesses unaware that my body’s ability to metabolize excesses, much less the normal load was hindered.

As a result my body, as it should progressed through the seven stages of disease while I slapped spit on the symptoms and got back to work over metabolizing.

In September of 2017 I knew there was something wrong and made a drastic change in metabolism. I dropped down to 1200 calories a day while removing all candy, sugar and fruit for about 90 days. Then I went back up to about 1500 calories a day, still minus all the carbs.

I also stated working out a lot. Mostly aerobic type loaded(weighted) movements.

This all resulted in a process by which my body has been making itself new from the inside out. It has been a rather painful experience as many things just under the surface have been working their way out. It has been kicking out my old mans dead bones you could say.

The last 3.5 years has been an amazing journey. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to participate in my body making itself new; teaching me its ways and why they are so much better than mine.