My Journey Began 1244 Days Ago

1244 days ago I began this journey and I haven’t looked back.

Quality of life and longevity of years is the goal. No more suffering.

I’m not sure anyone can fully grasp where I am going with all of the stuff I post. Clearly for some time I have been promoting getting back as close to nature as possible with all things that enter the body.

A friend of mine on Facebook asked me how I feel about drinking bottled water. The following was my answer. And then some…8)

With most people, considering everything else they put in their body, the plastic from a water bottle is likely the least of their worries. Like being bothered by the gingivitis of a starving lion that has got you pinned down and is roaring in your face. Worried about the wrong thing. At best the affects of plastic on us or the water we drink is nothing in the lifetime of an American that eats a diet mostly consisting of processed foods.

All of my cumulative research has led me to conclude that we are woefully dehydrated at the deepest of levels(cellular) because we are breaking a fundamental biological human rule by eating food that has had any processing done to it outside of our body. That our body in its infinite wisdom is best suited for fully processing EVERYTHING that it ingests and that when we pre-process in any way that we are then introducing what will then become things like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, etc.

And if your body has any trouble digesting or processing a plant based whole food that is your body speaking to you. Pay attention. Listen. Your body is always seeking homeostasis and always prefers the path of least resistance.

Before the Industrial Revolution we were consuming food in a manner wildly different than today. Clearly we have ALWAYS processed foods for ease of digestion and greater shelf life but the volume of it we consume is the problem. It is precisely the processing that fundamentally changes the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen levels of our foods into something our body cannot process efficiently anymore. When you apply heat the oxygen and hydrogen or H2O are released and carbon is concentrated.

Excess carbon in our body(of water) has made it acidic putting human life in danger by making our body of water(ocean) primed and ready for cancer. It’s like we are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm and that we are inadvertently creating in our own body a runaway greenhouse affect stoked by excess carbon in our internal environment.

Maybe this is why alkaline diets are so beneficial for cancer patients and survivors.

P.S. I still eat my moms wonderfully cooked vegan dinners…8). Not ready to give up all of it and it’s a hell of a lot better than I used to eat. I just consider a cooked meal even if fully vegan and organic as just neutral but could be ultimately detrimental if done daily. I’m really a big fan of green leafy salads at least 5 days a week at dinner. Costco also makes a really yummy granola that goes well with steel cut oats and honey…8). You see I have a standard that I myself am yet to live up to…LoL