More Questions From a Friend

I have a couple more ideas for questions that you may want to answer on your blog as I think you may have some good insights to things people want to know about.

1) tell me more about clearing sinuses. What works best? What about allergies and post-nasal drip and sinus issues? Does your diet and health regime help clear up allergies and sinus liquid and pressure?

2) You’ve clearly studied about tooth enamel. What is your oral hygiene routine and recommendation? Do you brush twice a day? With what? Floss? Tongue scrape? Oil pull? Gargle anything else? Have you noticed any strengthening of tooth enamel or reversal of any dental problems?

3) what can you tell us about detoxing from salt and sugar? Do it slowly? All at once? With a juice cleanse? Are there withdrawal symptoms? What eases one out of these the easiest?

Just a couple of questions for thought!!

Thanks again, Riley

Hi Riley, thanks for the great questions. Regarding clearing of sinuses. Simply shut the mouth. Only breathe through the sinuses. Of course it should go without saying that a mucus free diet helps too. But also understanding that the sinuses have the same kind of tissue as our genitals that contract and expand to adjust for airflow. And it regularly switches that temporary inflammation from one side to the other as a flow control mechanism. Oh…Did I mention mucus free diet?

Now…The reason why sinuses would get inflamed. The skin in of our mucus membranes is about as thin as it gets and as such is an outdoor for our skin. This is why we get itchy bums, potty’s, noses and mouth. Toxins like to leave through the easiest outdoor and our tissue fluids are quite mobile. Which…….Is why I do so much squatting; to keep the fluids mobile.

My oral hygiene routine is to treat my oral cavity like every other one of the great apes on Earth. Wild gorillas eat mostly plants and have fewer dental problems than more omnivorous species like chimpanzees, which consume fruits, nuts and animal protein much as cavity-riddled humans do.

This is why I space out the eating of my fruit and rinse my teeth really good afterward. And then I keep my mouth closed<—Religiously!!!

When you don’t consume any animal anything bacteria have nothing to eat in your mouth so they just don’t show up to the party. And since they are a reactive OXYGEN species a lack of mouth breathing oxygen keeps the party boooooring.

Our saliva produces the enzymes to breakdown all the plants that remain in our mouth so no need for bacteria or picking around unless something is just painfully jammed in your teeth. I do use a brush gently. Like VEEEEEERY gently. I take 30-60 seconds at the most. Just a once or twice over with no vigorous brushing, paste or powders.

Regarding teeth health. They and my gums are the healthiest they have ever been and with little mechanical effort. And the difference I notice is that the mineral density of my teeth is greater.

No gargle, pulling or scraping. Tongue just always looks and feels great. If I do happen to bite my tongue or cheek it heals really quickly. This didn’t used to be the case and I used to bite everything in there at least twice a day and badly most of the time. Now rarely. A lot less inflammation in the oral cavity. And my tonsils look vastly different. It’s cavernous back there these days. And my radio voice is 10X better than ever.

I will be writing more on sugar and salt in the days to come. I honestly think at this point that excess salt is 10,000 more detrimental for us than the equivalent amount of excess glucose. One is a necessary rock needed in tiny amounts and the other in large volumes is what fuels our metabolic existence.

I believe that it is precisely the preservation and dehydrating action of sodium chloride that interferes with so many other processes.