A question from a friend

Today on Facebook I posted that I have never EVER felt so physically good in my entire life. Not just better, but clean and enhanced; almost superhuman. And a friend asked…

What 5 or so things do you attribute it to? Plant based diet? Mostly raw? Detox? Leaving sugar/dairy/gluten? Probiotics/kombucha? Sleeping well? Exercise? I know you’ve done a LOT to impact your health over these last few years. I’m wondering what your super-human-short-list is??


1. Chewing my food till it is liquid before I drink it. I started initially by counting to 100. Now I just do it to feel and taste. No more flavor…Good to go. This allows for all of the food to be mixed with the various enzymes in the saliva like a-amylase and lingual lipase.

2. Squatting and lotsa squats. A lot of arm swing and rotation stuff. A lot of arms over head. A LOT of neck and shoulder muscle involvement so as to continually free up the lymphatic trunks freed up as they re-enter general circulation. That is THEE most important point not to get backed up in the system. I do a lot of movements that look like all of the different swim strokes while standing tall and reaching high.

3. No animal anything.

4. Nose breathing ONLY. This ensures the best possible oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene is a positive marker for longevity. This also keeps the sinuses free of obstruction. It takes a while but even the most stubborn sinuses will clear making life more livable.

5. Sleep. I always do my best to be horizontal and willing to sleep 9 hours and 36 minutes before sunrise. I like to wake up with the sun but if I’m up earlier so be it. This really seems to allow the body to do its best repairs. Strangely I almost always wake up about 3 hours in. Like a first shift that is finished. As I understand it this is when the most healing is done. Sometimes I don’t even go right back to sleep but stay up and read a little. If I ever end up sleeping through for about 5 hours I wake up with EXTREME levels of creative thought. It’s like Einstein Mode. Most of my electronic journal entries are around 3AM.

6. No added salt. Only been doing this for a few weeks. My skin really seems to like it. I have a suspicion that our tissue sodium storage gets overloaded that ultimately results in patches and plaques as the body deactivates a portion of its interstitial sodium content for later use. Like…Maybe we are unintentionally mummifying ourselves. I mean wouldn’t that be crazy if the real reason we are now living longer is because we properly preserved ourselves with excess sodium?

7. Occasional very deep belly breaths. None of that crazy Wim Hoff stuff. I have a feeling that is not what the body would want.

8. Limit sun exposure from 10-2. Before and after that is all good.

9. Mono-feeding fruits. Example: 6 Mandarins for breakfast. 3 hours later, 2 apples. 3 hours later 2 bananas and two ripe dates. This gives you a good variety but also allows for easier assimilation.

10. Have a big salad for dinner. Lots of spinach.

I also like fresh baked sourdough with hummus for something warm. This is probably where I get most of my sodium…LoL

Note on sodium: As I work on my understanding of addiction and my own recovery I am constantly looking for better answer to the how and why of addiction and where it starts. I suspect predisposition to addiction is predicated on the level of sodium one is exposed to as an infant. Before they have knowledge of what it is they are consuming. It is a stimulant and highly addictive. Wars have been waged for millennia over salt ponds. Then sugar.

Note on fruit: When I eat fruit throughout the day I DON’T GRAZE. I allow 3 hours for my mouth to rest to allow for the enamel on the teeth to regenerate. Grazing on fruit all day long will ruin good teeth. Couple this with Rule #4…8)

Here is how I eat fruit.

-Michael James Loomis