Healthy Salt Intake

Reflections on my hiatus from additional salt in my diet.

  • Effect: Heart disease – #1 Cause: High blood pressure
  • Effect: High blood pressure – #1 Cause: Too much electrolyte(sodium)
  • Effect: Aortic Stenosis – #1 Cause: Too much electrolyte(calcium)
  • Effect: Heart Attack – #1 Cause: Too much electrolyte(potassium)
  • Effect: Osteoporosis – Cause: Too much electrolyte(phosphorus)*
  • Effect: Kidney Stones – Cause: Too much electrolyte(chloride)**

Common electrolytes include: Calcium, Chloride, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium & Sodium.

Nature provides us with electrolytes through whole produce in the ratio’s appropriate for human consumption. A raw whole-food/plant-based diet ensures that you will never have any excesses of these electrolytes. The produce itself is the rate limiting mechanism that ensures homeostasis.

Common(CONCENTRATED) electrolyte sources include Black Sea, Celtic, French, Hawaiian sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, season salt, smoked salt and even salt substitute. All of which contain the exact same sodium(40%) chloride(60%) that is found in table salt.
Go easy on these bad boys. They are powerful and like to be in balance.

*If levels of phosphate in the blood become too high, it may cause mineral and bone disorders and calcification. See above line 3. The KIDNEYS balance the amount of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. If these are out of balance, it can draw calcium out of the bones and weaken them.

**excess of chloride in your body can be very dangerous because of the link to higher than normal acid in the blood. If it isn’t treated promptly, it can lead to: kidney stones, kidney failure, heart/muscle/bone problems, coma & death.

by Michael J Loomis