Excess Carbon

I am trying to find something and I am not even sure what to call it.

I believe that we have been missing the mark. That we have been making a category mistake by using the terms carbohydrate, protein and fat to describe the nature of the foods we are putting in our body. I would suggest that these terms are not wrong but not as helpful as they could be. That if we are ultimately concerned about health and longevity of years that we would better be served to consider the categories carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as the content markers by which we measure the quality of our nutrient sources.

Why is this important?

I believe that this is important because our body’s have been evolving or adapting over tens of thousands of years with foods that have had none or very limited processing compared to todays volume of consumed foods that have had processing applied.

What is the difference?

Whole-food/plant-based would be the standard or mark by which we should understand foods that have had no processing applied before consumption. Everything including cooking and dehydrating is processing as is use of concentrates(herbs/vitamins).

What is the problem? TOO MUCH CARBON

Excess carbon in Earth’s atmosphere heats things up and helps plants on land grow more. Excess carbon in the ocean makes the water more acidic, putting marine life in danger.

I would suggest that we have done this to our body. Excess carbon in our body(of water) has made it acidic putting human life in danger by making our body of water(ocean) primed and ready for cancer. Maybe this is why alkaline diets are so beneficial for cancer patients and survivors.

Modern processed foods including health foods and nutritional supplements can’t meet our body’s needs according to our body’s evolutionary history.
Unprocessed whole foods contains the perfect ratio of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. ANY processing affects these ratio’s and functionally denatures our food.

Applying any processing including steaming of vegetables releases oxygen and hydrogen leaving you with a food product that is now much higher in carbon than it was naturally. And that is just applying heat. Now imagine a bag of Dorito’s or a Twinkie.

*SOLUTION: CARBON | HYDROGEN | OXYGEN as the new standard. Whatever that looks like.