What is vegan to me?

Someone on Facebook responded to a post of mine on what I ate yesterday.

Joe the Omnivore – Veganism is more like a religion that ignores the basic principles of science and common sense in favor of the doctrines.

What follows is my response.

Actually it is just the opposite of a religion even though some adherents behave religiously. However, to see the true benefits of a raw or mostly raw whole-food/plant-based diet one does well to apply religious principles and dedication.

To me being vegan is the goal not a means by which to achieve a goal. To me being vegan is about removing emotion from nourishment so as to not give in to emotional influences. To me being vegan is precisely based on the simplest of scientific principles and laws of conservation.

To be a raw vegan is to have no doctrines at all. Just one rule. Only living things enter the mouth. From there I use common sense.

There is no simpler system and its simplicity is utterly baffling to most because all they have known is a life of dietary complexity.