Vitamin D Question and Answer

In December there is very little of sun. I live at 59th degree of latitude(Alaska/Norway/Russia) and we get a little sunshine just now in the March. The exposure to the sun is directly connected to the Vitamin D levels in the blood and I was also very ill in this year from December to February. So what are your options to get more Vitamin D at the winter time, specially if you are vegetarian?

That’s a great question. That’s pretty far north. The only vitamin D I am aware of that our body needs is what it creates in our skin when exposed to UV light. There are certain endogenous components(human) of our dermis that are biochemically equivalent to exogenous fungus in our external environment. Both produce what we call vitamin D when exposed to UV light.

I can’t really make any recommendations as to how to improve that process other than recommend living in an environment or latitude that is more conducive to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Obviously that is easier said than done for most. We can blame that on our ancestors who were willing to move further away from a life of ease in exchange for cheaper land and resources and now we are paying with disease.

It may also be that by design we shouldn’t have the deficiencies we have today but because of a high protein diet based on animal products when we have less we may experience a dip we are being told is a deficiency. When in reality if we were only ever to have eaten a species specific diet we might not ever see that fluctuation.

Google has taught helped me learn everything I know. Learn how to ask the right questions and the rabbit holes will get deeper and deeper and the answer better…LoL