The Common Caveat

The Common Caveat is a blog hosted by a friend of mine by the name of Matthew Thomas Sabatine. Sounds like the name of a character from a Dan Brown book doesn’t it?

He recently asked a question on his Facebook page–>HERE. I really appreciate his question and the dialogue that follows because it helped me develop some of my own thoughts further. This is consciousness…8). I really appreciate him for having drawn this out of me.

If we are created creatures instead of evolved creatures, why would our creator make Archaea to live in our colons in addition to living in soils, marshes, oceans, plankton, and the carbon and nitrogen cycles? What is the purpose?

My response follows…

How about intended creatures. We were created not by accident, but by necessity. We are the mobile carbon scrubbers. The green/blue planet created us as an evolutionary tool to ensure its survival as a habitable planet.

You see, as plant life started to grow out of control they were using up all of their food; carbon dioxide.

In Mother Natures infinite wisdom she created us as mobile oxygen fixing, carbon dioxide scrubbing attendants of her wonderful Garden of Eatin.

Matthews response…

Call us an accident. Call us a necessity. It might be pointless to play around with those terms all night. However, anthropomorphism is the problem. I would say that mother nature is not a sentient entity with wisdom and an agenda, unless you are willing to accuse her of using cruel wisdom to force us to die in order to be those “carbon scrubbers” that keep the carbon cycle going. Her wisdom is cruel and probably not wisdom at all.

My response…

I believe you misunderstand. Mother Nature is by nature indifferent. Her goal is simply life and life lived more abundantly but within constraints that avoid runaway feedback loops. I too would say that Mother Nature is not sentient but is completely conscious because of spacial awareness. Her infinite wisdom is programmed in and available to all of us if we stop thinking we have anything to do with its course in our individual generation. For we are but a momentary breath in an eternity of homo sapien sapien.

We don’t die to become carbon scrubbers, that would be counterproductive to Mother Nature’s prime directive; Life.

We actively exist in Her preprogrammed existence. Our carbon scrubbing work isn’t even something we have control over, She made it automatic.

We are the breath of life that issues forth the CO2 the rest of Her divine creation needed that existed loooooong before us Eukaryotes.

For She loved Her world so much that She created a Man(ADAM) that whomever invest in him will have eternal life.

We were brought into this world to save it from itself. Maybe there is a reason that our lungs look like a tree. They are lock and key to each other.