Sodium Chloride and Water

Who convinced you that you need supplemental or additional salt in your sufficient diet?

The word salt is confusing. All…ALL salts are at least 92% sodium and chloride. Pretty colored salts that cost more still contain THE SAME sodium and chloride.

What you pay extra for is color, trace minerals(rocks) and a sense of pride.

Sodium chloride is more toxic than 20 Mule Team Borax.

The problem with salt is that water follows it. So the results are excess fluid retention causing chemistry changes in the body or dehydration because the ingested additional sodium chloride takes water out of the body that needs it.

Your body likes the supplemental sodium chloride(salt) so little that it forces you into a state of diuresis flushing your pretty salt and extra penny’s down the water closet leaving you dehydrated.

~ Michael J. Loomis