Salting a Human’s Tail

[ABSTRACT] Salting a bird’s tail is a legendary superstition of Europe and America, and an English language idiom. The superstition is that sprinkling salt on a bird’s tail will render the bird temporarily unable to fly, enabling its capture.

We, the general population is the bird and we have been intentionally salted to hold us back from achieving our true potential by those that know the true knowledge and nature of salt and its entrancing influence on humans as individuals and a collective body of water.

In recent times my understanding of how the body interacts with sodium has left me thinking that we have really missed the mark in our understanding of its homeostasis in our existence. Science has only recently discovered a new paradigm in which sodium can be stored without commensurate water retention in our skin forming a dynamic third compartment for sodium.

This has important implications for sodium homeostasis, osmoregulation and the flow of blood within the organs and tissues of the body in response to salt intake.

This sodium storage in the skin and the inner layers of our blood and lymph vessels functions as a buffer during periods of dietary DEPLETION and EXCESS, representing a mechanism outside or aside from the kidney for regulating body sodium and water.

This newly discovered realm of interstitial sodium storage may also serve as a biomarker for potentially the most drastic advancements in human development, longevity and quality of life. And that because of our lack of knowledge much less existence of this mechanism has been the roadblock to a youthful life beyond 100 calendar years.

Any amount of electrolytes beyond what the body needs is toxic and is ultimately hindering our lives more than we could have ever imagined. Its homeostasis will be maintained at all costs potentially affecting all areas of life distinct from the mind yet deleterious to our peace of mind. That we are at such inner turmoil to keep this balance that even if we had to we would have little vitality to excel beyond simply striving for homeostasis.

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Author – Michael J. Loomis | Publisher & Editor at Chew Digest