Niacin and COVID-19?

The combination of nicotinamide with artemisinin, chloroquine and pyrimethamine demonstrated synergistic effects at IC 10-90%. Treatment of uninfected red blood cells with high dose of nicotinamide (60mM) did not provoke the significant LDH release, demonstrating its non-toxicity for erythrocytes. Nicotinamide acts below the level of tolerance and reduces the effective concentration of anti-malarial drugs due to synergism. Reduces the amount needed because Niacin is just as effective an anti-malarial drug?

These in vitro results suggest that nicotinamide might be useful not only as a vitamin supplement but also as an enhancer of the anti-parasitic effect of common antimalarial drugs including artemisinin, chloroquine and pyrimethamine.

Artemisinin, the Magic Drug Discovered from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Quinoline – is used in the manufacture of dyes, the preparation of hydroxyquinoline sulfate and NIACIN. It is also used as a solvent for resins and terpenes.