Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Your life and my life are not the same. I would not want them to be. If we were the same, we would have little need for each other. I’m already familiar with myself and don’t need the competition.

I want to find someone different from me. That doesn’t want to change me. That doesn’t want me to conform to their philosophy, faith, or way of life.

I want a challenge in life. Someone who loves themselves enough who doesn’t NEED someone else to fill in the gaps. Someone who can throw down an intellectual gauntlet and stand their ground without being offended.

I want interaction with those not afraid of tough questions and even tougher answers.

I want to find a balance between affection and attention. I see them as opposite ends of the scale and mutually exclusive. Yet many consider them the same.

We all want the truth. Who doesn’t? But that tends to be elusive and in some ways subjective to our individual experience and consciousness.

What I want is honesty, I want integrity, and I want transparency.

If you’ve got something to hide, what’s the point? I’m not that guy.

Maybe the only way we can truly love others is by first learning how to love ourselves healthily. Then we can love our neighbors as we love ourselves.