Chew Digest-How Goes It?

Elimination Must Be Equal to the Need

For many years I traded adequate sleep for quick afternoon naps, fast food for sufficient nutrition and soft drinks for proper hydration. I didn’t understand the cost of my time savings. It was like a credit card with a bill that never came due; until it did. All of it at once. And suddenly what I thought was a life of order became chaos.

So what does our body do with our inconvenient conveniences?

Our body must have full use of its ability to eliminate everything that we put in it for food. Clearly we should not do anything to stand in its way of elimination; yet we do. If these abilities are hampered by lack of energy, if they have been weakened by toxins or even completely disabled by our body’s complete inability to cope, then elimination will grind to a salty halt and begin accumulation.

By waste I mean all end-products of all the metabolic activities occurring in every cell and organ of the body.

Fortunately or unfortunately our skin is well suited for this role of accumulation because of its ability to close off, set apart and insulate the rest of our system from the insult to further the overall goal of homeostasis.

All of our body’s organs take a toll from our less than stellar choices but our skin ultimately is the bearer of the greatest overall burden of accumulation and we can see it everywhere. On us as well as others around us. These excess accumulations further undermine the elimination process until our body must undertake an eliminative crisis (disease) to free itself of its overloaded self.

Adapted from the Life Science System For Perfect Health by T.C. Fry – Located at Terrain Wiki & Curated by Chew Digest.