Authored by Jill Kirby – Germ vs. Terrain Theory FB Group Member

~Document Source – Experiments Upon Volunteers to Determine the Cause and Mode of Spread of Influenza, Boston, November and December, 1918

The Pandemic of 1918 was considered to be extremely contagious. After all, an estimated 50 MILLION PEOPLE DIED (from a global population of about 1.8 billion….as compared to 953,582 from a population of over 7.8 billion, 0.01%, attributed to the current ‘pandemic’).

However, very few people are even aware that there was a series of experiments done (between Nov 1918 and Mar/19) to determine how the ‘Spanish Flu’ was being spread. They took 100 healthy volunteers and purposely tried to infect them with it….

  • Suctioning mucous from an infected person and squirting it in the nose and throat of a volunteer.
  • When that failed, they swabbed the nose and throat of the sick person and transferred directly into the nose and throat of the volunteer. Still no infection.
  • They then took blood from the sick and injected it into the healthy…no luck.
  • So they took the mucous secretions from the sick, filtered it and injected that into the healthy.
  • When all of those attempts failed, they tried face to face interaction. They had the volunteer come to the sick person’s bedside, shake hands, then sit facing one another, inches apart. They had a conversation for 5 minutes, then the sick person took a deep breath in while the healthy exhaled and the patient then exhaled as the volunteer inhaled, then the sick person coughed 5 times straight into the volunteer’s face. Each volunteer went through this routine with 5 different patients.

No matter what the experimenters tried, NONE of the healthy volunteers became ill!

So, if this is what happened with arguably the most ‘contagious’ disease in human history, is the Germ Theory of disease true?
Do we ‘catch’ a disease from someone else? These experiments certainly suggest otherwise!

Perhaps this type of experiment could be repeated now for this current supposed ‘pandemic’….why is it not?

….might it put an end to all these ridiculous measures that have been put in place…. when the year to date all cause mortality rate the same (or slightly lower) than the previous 5 years?

These experiments are part of the official record, so why are they ignored?

Is there some vested interest in maintaining the illusion of the Germ Theory?…WHO would stand to gain from that? Is there any reason for any of what we are being told we must do to ‘stay safe’ and ‘save lives’?