Facebook Wisdom-The 5G Boogeyman

From a new friend on Facebook named Lauren Whiteman. She seems to say a lot of things I would say. Maybe she’s read a lot of the same stuff…8)

In order for Non-Ionizing Radiation to cause harm it has to be at close proximity and for extend periods of time. For example, Sunlight is Non-Ionizing Radiation. Sunlight is beneficial, but if you stay out in the sun for too long at one time you can get burned.

5G is roughly the equivalent Non-ionizing radiation as a light bulb. So you should be as scared of 5G as you are of standing next to a light bulb. That’s not to say that if you put your hand on a light bulb you won’t get burned. But you are not living in the dark either. Keep your terrain clean and the body can handle the Non-ionizing radiation just like it has for millions of years. Keep a dirty terrain and you could have a reaction.

People love to find anything to blame for their discomfort other then the 3 meals a day they stuff in their face because then they don’t have to change their diet or take any responsibility for their own health.

Disease is never a surprise. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It is a steady building of symptoms over months, years and decades of poor food choices. There may be a single event which overflows the cup and transfers the small ignore-able symptoms into a more extreme symptom, but there are always plenty of warning signs along the way that the body is in distress.