Cellular Hydration

We’re too focused on cellular hydration when it is based on the hydration of our bowels. That is, before your cells will become fully hydrated, your bowels need to be sufficiently hydrated and functioning optimally.

We can only successfully rehydrate our cells if our bowels are hydrated. Bowels first; cells second.

Sipping water goes to our bloodstream, and to our cells, without ever hydrating the bowels – fighting a losing battle as the body will attempt to create more mucous to flush the bowels with the little resources it has.

As the ability to dilute toxins decreases, our inflammatory response increases as does the thickness of our mucous, which makes it nigh impossible to mobilize nutrients and dilute and eliminate toxins.

If we drink a pint or more, it flushes our bowels, which in turn eliminates the body’s need to compensate for dehydrated bowels – which allows our cells to catch up with their hydration needs.

On an exclusively ideal diet and lifestyle, our bowels are always well hydrated (once we’re healed), so our needs are different – to the point where we can maintain hydration on juicy fruits.

I know very few people who are actually living this way – I have for extended periods of time and have proved it to myself (thriving on oranges and lettuce alone).

-Fred Kovalyov – Haven for Humanity